Think of this as “City Smarts 101.”

Carefully make your way through the following four units, and you’ll be ready for graduation.


Unit 1: Contact and Payment Information

Parent Name *
Parent Name
Student Information
Student Name *
Student Name
Payment Information
We Accept Credit Card, Check, or Bank Transfer (Zelle).

Unit 2: Our Policies


24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Please inform your tutor well in advance of any cancellations or changes (ie. shortening a lesson).

We charge in full for late cancellations – no exceptions.

Occasionally, we hear from a parent whose child has cancelled a lesson without their knowledge. Please make sure your child understands our cancellation policy as well.

Adult Supervision Policy

A parent or adult guardian must be present for all tutoring sessions.

If a parent or adult guardian will not be present, please fill out our consent waiver.

Late Payments Are Subject To A 15% Fee

We ask that you pay within 14 days of receiving an invoice. If for whatever reason you anticipate that you will be late, please give us a call, and let us know whats going on.

We reserve the right to add a 15% fee to all late balances.

Name *
I have read City Smarts cancellation, supervision, and late payment policies and agree to these terms.

Unit 3: A Few Notes On Payment


Our tutors do not accept payment directly.

Our tutors do not accept directly, nor are they equipped to answer billing and payment questions. For billing assistance, always email info@citysmarts.net or call us at 3473247443.

We send out invoices twice a month.

Twice a month, you will receive an invoice from our administrator detailing your balance. Because we utilize a one week invoicing delay, your balance may not include your child’s most recent lesson(s).

We love credit cards.

Our preferred payment method is credit card. We’ve partnered with Square to provide safe, secure, and easy credit card transactions.

If you have elected to pay with credit card, you will receive your bills directly from Square and can make immediate payments online. When making your first payment, you will be given the option to store your card on file. For parents who store their card on file, we will automatically charge you every two weeks. Otherwise, we will send a new invoice each time instead.

Mark payments with the invoice number.

If you’ll be paying by check or bank transfer, please include a memo indicating which invoice you’re paying.


Unit 4: Extra Credit


Let your tutor know if you’d like a progress report.

Tutoring is an investment in your child’s education, and you should be engaged in his or her progress. Our tutors love sitting down with parents to share their observations and recommendations. Seriously, they live for this stuff.

However, please be mindful of their time. Let the tutor know in advance that you’d like to set aside some time for a chat. Understand that if your conference takes place outside of the typical tutoring session, your tutor will need to be compensated for that time. Otherwise, plan on setting aside a few minutes at the end of your child’s normal session for parent-tutor chat.

Mock Tests

City Smarts proctors mock exams on Sundays throughout the year at our classroom in Carroll Gardens. If your child is doing test prep with us, we strongly recommend integrating periodic mock tests. Mock tests help students adjust to the rigors of a testing environment, and they allow us to quantitatively measure their progress. There is no better way to provide you the feedback you need on score increases.

Parents can sign up for mock tests here.

Tutoring versus Consulting

We require our tutors to be insanely good at the tests & subjects they teach. We do no require them to be experts in the admissions process itself.

If you have questions about things like admissions chances, score cut-off, or school choice, feel free to give us a call.


Have you submitted the forms in Units 1 and 2? Have you read carefully through Units 3 and 4?

Congratulations! You’ve graduated City Smarts 101.