Here are the tests we teach

Middle School Achievement

  • ERBs
  • ISEE
  • Regents 

High School Admissions

  • SSAT
  • ISEE
  • Bard Assessment
  • Hunter Test 

College Admissions

  • SAT
  • SAT Subject Tests
  • ACT
  • AP Exams

Here is our approach 


Test prep companies that claim to help students "beat the test" overlook the fact that test-taking is a basic component of educational achievement through college and beyond.

Having vanquished one test, a student can rest assured there's another one on the horizon.

So are the tests "beatable?" Not exactly. But they are standardized, nearly identical in content from year to year. While that does not mean everyone can score competitively right off the bat, it does open the door for effective, intelligent instruction. 

Our instructors at City Smarts offer no crash courses. 
What we do offer, beyond teaching test strategies, are better testing skills that go deeper than any quick fixes offered by other companies.