When I set out to establish City Smarts’ admissions guidance program, I began with a few simple questions. Why are the college and high school admissions processes so stressful, and how can we help? I wanted to build a better, more humane admissions support program, one that is equally comfortable sending students to great public high schools, elite boarding schools, renowned research institutions and best of the Ivy League. I wanted to help students take ownership of the admissions process, and I wanted that process to be meaningful.

After speaking with students and parents, I began to understand the source of their anxiety. The very factors that are supposed to make college and high school admissions more flexible–endless variations of admissions essays, testing acronyms, and application platforms–made the process mysterious. Indeed, even when they were extremely well prepared, the families I spoke with maintained that admissions decisions were a gamble, that they came down to luck.

Let’s restore sanity to the admissions process by empowering students and parents with clear, actionable information and hands-on support. Let’s help students target smart schools and tell compelling admissions stories. Applying to school doesn't need to be a drag. It should be a milestone to celebrate.


As an admissions nerd, it’s easy to wax poetic about the process. But no testimonial can replace a conversation rooted in the unique objectives of your son or daughter. So give us a call and let City Smarts help.


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College & beyond


We offer a robust range of admissions services, including narrative essay support, college list preparation, and application guidance.


Every year, City Smarts works with prospective MBAs using our common sense narrative approach. Our students have been accepted to top day-time MBA programs such as Chicago Booth, Northwestern Kellogg, and Duke Fuqua.


Transferring schools presents a host of unique challenges and opportunities.

In recent years, our transfer students have been accepted to schools such as Yale, U Penn, Columbia, and Vanderbilt. 


Simple, straightforward advice on how to target a variety of schools that give your child meaningful options.


Admissions services including narrative essay support, college list preparation, interview prep, application guidance, and parent-to-parent resources.


We provide parents with a fuller picture of the boarding school landscape, and help students craft impactful narratives that connect them to the schools of their choice.