City smarts Shsat single topic intensives

In the run-up to SHSAT test day, you, your child, or your child's tutor may have identified specific areas of weakness. Each "one off" class in this series is designed to help students address a single advanced topic. Each class stands alone, so feel free to sign up your child for the subject areas that need the most attention, or sign up for all 6 classes as a rigorous supplement to existing prep.

Classes will be held at our Carroll Gardens location on Sundays throughout September and October. 6-7:20PM. Each class costs $75. 

If you'd like to register your child for 4 or more classes, we are offering a discounted class pass ($300). Click here to purchase a class pass.


september 16th – advanced algebra TOPICS

This class will cover advanced algebra topics such as complex polynomials, symbol substitution, and multi-variable expressions. 

september 23rd – tricky word problems

We will investigate the SHSAT's trickiest word problems including ratio and proportion problems, probability, and 'age' problems.

september 30th – redesigned shsat reading #1

This class will address the new poetry and literary passages that will be appearing on the revised SHSAT exam.

october 7th - advanced geometry intensive

Some of the SHSAT's most challenging questions concern geometry. We will look at compound shapes, complex angles, and more. 

october 14th – redesigned shsat reading #2

We will cover the new question constructions that appear on the newly revised SHSAT . 


This class is designed as a 'refresher' for students with extended time. Note: the extended time SHSAT is proctored in late October/early November. 



Each class will feature an hour of narrowly focused instruction followed by a 20 minute diagnostic. 

build your own curriculum

This series is perfect for students who wish to supplement existing prep with rigorous targeted support. 



Should my son or daughter sign up? Who are these classes for?

Students looking to strengthen their foundations, improve their mental stamina, or dive into some additional practice problem sets will benefit from these classes.

Is there an easy way to sign up for multiple lessons?

Click here to purchase a class pass. For $300, students can attend any of our 6 single topic intensives.