We are offering Hannah Senesh 8th Graders preparing for the Upper Level ISEE or SSAT a course with two scheduling options. Both will feature lessons in Math, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, and Essay Writing. Students targeting November test dates are encouraged to take the 8-session course. Students targeting December test dates should consider the 12-session course.


Two Schedules

The 12-Session Course

The extended course period allows students four additional classes to delve more deeply into the most challenging content on both tests, and includes more strategy-focused prep.

The 8-Session Course

Covers all aspects of the ISEE and SSAT, and allows students to be test ready for most mid- and late-November test dates.

All Materials Provided

All Inclusive Approach

We provide students with all of the materials they need, including workbooks, notebooks, and folders. The material covered is rigorous and comprehensive, and designed to challenge test takers of all levels.

Weekly Assignments

Weekly Homework Assignments Students will receive specific assignments each week to bolster their comprehension. Students will have the opportunity to take test sections at home throughout the fall.



8-Session Dates

1. Thursday, 9/26 | 4:20-5:30

2. Thursday, 10/3 | 4:20-5:30

3. Thursday, 10/10 | 4:20-5:30

4. Friday, 10/11 | 2:45-3:50

5. Friday, 10/18 | 2:45-3:50

6. Friday, 10/25 | 2:45-3:50

7. Friday, 11/1 | 2:45-3:50

8. Friday, 11/8 | 1:45-2:50


9. Thursday, 11/14 | 4:20-5:30

10. Friday, 11/15 | 1:45-2:50

11. Thursday, 11/21 | 4:30-5:30

12. Friday, 12/6 | 1:45-2:50


8-Session Course: $555

12-Session Course: $695


Who we are

City Smarts works with students in both one-on-one and workshop settings to ensure seamless transitions from middle school to high school, high school to college, and beyond. Our work is informed by the academic challenges students face both inside and outside the classroom. We work with students at a broad range of schools, and help students anticipate the curricula they’ll see in the years ahead. We have been working with Hannah Senesh students since 2007, some of whom are now college graduates.