120 Minutes of Instruction

During the year, we cap our classes at 90 minutes to avoid class fatigue. Over the summer, however, students should be able to handle a rigorous two hour session: just the right length to keep your child engaged but not exhausted.

Clinic capped at 8 students

In order to maintain individual instruction time and encourage peer-learning, we have capped our classes at 8 students. At the end of 6 weeks, our instructors will know your student’s individual learning profile and will have addressed their unique needs. While other companies pack their classes with up to 15 students, we feel that smaller classes facilitate a scholarly learning environment.


Holistic approach

Every year, our SHSAT students find that their grades in math class improve in tandem with our instruction; this is because we focus on building content knowledge rather than slick tricks. City Smarts believes that the best way to conquer the SHSAT is to actually learn the material and become confident in the test’s structure. Our instruction has a lasting impact that will serve your child in school and on subsequent standardized tests.

time management and test day strategies

Not only does City Smarts teach content, but we also devote time to pacing, overcoming test anxiety, and time management.


All clinic participants will have the opportunity to participate in a free mock exam in a real testing environment. At the conclusion of the clinic, we will provide each family with a thorough report. Because City Smarts also offers one of the most robust private SHSAT tutoring programs in the city, we guarantee that we will have guidance in place, should your child need it.


I'd like to enroll my child, but we're going to be out of town during one or more lessons. What should I do?

Because our summer class moves at a brisk pace, we do not recommend enrolling if you anticipate more than one absence. For missed lessons, we will be happy to arrange for a private sub with one of our tutors. 

Is there a difference between sessions 1 and 2? 

No. We are offering multiple sessions in order to accommodate a variety of family schedules. There is no need to enroll in both sessions.