hannah senesh SPRING SHSAT workshop

We are offering a 5-session SHSAT workshop designed specifically for Hannah Senesh students. This course will introduce 7th graders to an authentic, content-level understanding of the SHSAT. 

The course will feature:

  • An Official SHSAT Math Assessment

  • Content-specific classes

  • Time management and testing strategies

  • Workbooks and materials for review and prep

  • An end-of-session partial SHSAT 


Location:  Hannah Senesh Community Day School, Room 208

Dates: Fridays and Wednesdays starting in Late May

May 24 (F) 2:45

May 29 (W) 4:20

May 31 (F) 2:45

June 5 (W) 4:20

June 7 (F) 2:45

June 12 (W) 4:20

Price: $350 ($250 if your child is enrolled in the Hannah Senesh ERB Course)


70 Minutes of Instruction

Each class will feature instruction, discussion, and timed assessments designed to reveal to students the challenges of the SHSAT.

Clinic capped at 8 students

In order to maintain individual instruction time and encourage peer-learning, the class will be capped at 8 students. 


Holistic approach

Every year, our SHSAT students find that their grades in math class improve in tandem with our instruction; this is because we focus on building content knowledge rather than slick tricks. City Smarts believes that the best way to conquer the SHSAT is to actually learn the material and become confident in the test’s structure. Our instruction has a lasting impact that will serve your child in school and on subsequent standardized tests.

time management and test day strategies

Not only does City Smarts teach content, but we also devote time to pacing, overcoming test anxiety, and time management.


Our course concludes with a two hour-length mock exam proctored in a real testing environment. Each student will receive a detailed test report that not only outlines in which areas he or she needs to continue improving, but also serves as a benchmark for overall progress. This exam will be hosted near the school on Sunday, June 16th at 9AM. 

Hannah Senesh room 205