City smarts Sat single topic intensives

While prepping for the SAT, students come face to face with their weaknesses. These classes are designed to help students tackle a single advanced topic. Each class stands alone. Feel free to sign up your student for the subject areas that need the most attention, or sign up for all 6 classes as a rigorous supplement to existing prep.

Classes will be held at our Carroll Gardens location on Sundays throughout March and April. 6-7:15PM. Each class costs $75. 

If you'd like to register for 4 or more classes, we are offering a discounted class pass ($300). Click here to purchase a class pass.


march 3rd – Fiction and HistorY Reading Passages

Each SAT includes two passages that require reading for nuance and use of language. We’ll delve deeply into what it means to read for suggested and explicit meaning, theme, tone, and authorial intent. 

march 10th – Advanced Algebra Questions

The SAT’s No Calculator section requires students to make algebraic conversions quickly. We look at ways to assess the algebra on the SAT and how to make strategic decisions to save time and mental energy.

march 17th – Geometry Questions TYPES

Because there are fewer SAT geometry questions than ever before, their importance to students looking for elite scores has only increased. We look at circle, triangle, and volume questions that have traditionally stumped our best students.

March 24th - Grammar vERSUS Style

The Writing section’s most challenging questions often hinge on how a passage is written. We teach students to anticipate the stylistic choices an author makes, and how sometimes straightforward questions sound more confusing than they are. 

april 7th – Advanced Function Questions

Word problems involving “real-world” scenarios dominate the SAT’s With Calculator section. These questions can be time consuming, exhausting, and bewildering. We look at examples from previous exams and show students can find clear paths to answers.

april 14th – Advanced Graph Questions

Parabolas, lines, circles: the SAT asks graph questions based on diagrams and as word problems. In this workshop, we will break down how to get answers from the graph, and how to use the language of a question to sketch a useful graph of our own.





Each class will feature an hour of narrowly focused instruction followed by a 15 minute diagnostic. 

build your own curriculum

This series is perfect for students who wish to supplement existing prep with rigorous targeted support. 


Carroll Gardens Classroom

Our classes meet at 337 Smith St. in Brooklyn



Should my son or daughter sign up? Who are these classes for?

Students looking to strengthen their foundations, improve their mental stamina, or dive into some additional practice problem sets will benefit from these classes.

Is there an easy way to sign up for multiple lessons?

Click here to purchase a class pass. For $300, students can attend any of our 6 single topic intensives.