We founded City Smarts in 2007 to provide a support structure for our students' academic goals. Here in New York, parents and students must be able to navigate new tests, new requirements, new schools, and new opportunities that arise with each school year.

Our company is focused on two goals


We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to parents so they know what to expect in current and future academic years


We offer exceptional support to students pursuing academic goals both inside and outside the classroom


Our work is collaborative and comprehensive. Each member of our team of educators understands the importance of a strong academic standing, an attention to deadlines, competitive test scores, and a solid communication between student, parent, and teacher. We know the tests, admissions guidelines, and curricula at schools across the five boroughs and beyond. We're large enough to address a broad range of academic issues, yet small enough to provide close attention to each student's particular strengths and weaknesses.


No one student is the same. Our students are well-rounded, ambitious, and inspiring. We're proud to say our instructors possess the same qualities. We assess needs and focus ambitions: on paper, in writing, and on transcripts. Our experience informs us. Our students inspire us. Welcome.



How do we go Further?


 We work with learning specialists who consult with us on instructional approaches and diagnostic tools. No one student is the same, and it is our job to tailor our instruction to address the student's individual learning style. 


We rely on the strengths of our past students. What is the math program like at LaGuardia? Friends Seminary? Brooklyn Tech? We have students who have been through these schools - we can answer these questions. What is physics going to be like for my student at Beacon, Bronx Science, Spence, Packer? We can tell you. And we have worked directly with learning specialists at some of New York's most competitive schools. So we know what to expect on the day-to-day.

Our tutors collaborate with one another. They are not hired hands. Our instructors know how to provide support and know where to find additional support if necessary. We have a number of students who work with multiple instructors. It is this comprehensive and collaborative support that distinguishes us.

We take subject tutoring very seriously.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are looking to get started right away.