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On this page, you fill find: 

  • Our mission, which outlines our company’s approach to student instruction.

  • Our instructional agreement and cancellation policy, which we’ll need you to submit before your child's first lesson.

  • An overview of our billing options, including preferences for paying by credit card, check, or bank transfer.

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Welcome to City Smarts. We are a full service educational consulting firm that focuses on three primary services. 

  • Academic Subject Tutoring

  • Admissions Consulting

  • Test Preparation

We founded City Smarts in 2007 to provide a support structure for our students’ academic goals. Here in New York City, parents and students must be able to navigate new tests, new requirements, new schools, and new opportunities that arise with each school year. Our company is focused on two goals:

  • We provide a wealth of knowledge and experience to parents so they know what to expect in current and future academic years.

  • We offer exceptional support to students pursuing academic goals both inside and outside the classroom.

Our work is collaborative and comprehensive. Each member of our team of educators understands the importance of a strong academic standing, an attention to deadlines, competitive test scores, and a solid communication between student, parent, and teacher. We know the tests, admissions guidelines, and curricula at schools across the five boroughs and beyond. We’re large enough to address a broad range of academic issues, yet small enough to provide close attention to each student’s particular strengths and weaknesses. 

No one student is the same. Our students are well-rounded, ambitious, and inspiring. We’re proud to say our instructors possess the same qualities. We assess needs and focus ambitions: on paper, in writing, and on transcripts. Our experience informs us. Our students inspire us. 

Welcome to City Smarts!

Mark Losinger, Danielle Florio & Brett Moses


Please fill out and submit. 

Part 1 – Instructional Agreement
Conditions: A parent or adult caretaker must be at the location during instruction. This condition is waived if the tutoring takes place in a public setting where others are present, such as a library or school. Please let us know if you will not be present during a tutoring session in your home, and we will provide you with a consent form that will need to be signed and returned prior to the first session. A parent conference with the instructor may be arranged during the tutoring session. Keep in mind that the instructor may have an appointment directly after your session, so please let them know that you’d like a conference in advance, and they will save time at the end of the lesson. If you are not pleased with the instructor, please let us know, and will pair your child with a new tutor. Tutoring hours are non-refundable.
Instructional Agreement *
Part 2 – Cancellation Policy
A cancellation is defined by a call to the instructors cell phone or an email marked urgent. A phone call is preferred because your instructor may very well already be out in the midst of their workday. Due to scheduling commitments to each and every one of our students and clients, our instructors require at least 24 hours notice for a cancelled or rescheduled appointment. If the client fails to provide 24 hours notice, our policy is as followed: Last minute cancellations: (within 24 hours), If a client cancels an appointment within 24 hours of the scheduled time, the client will be charged the full amount for the lesson. School holidays: The instructor may not be aware of your child’s school holiday schedule, so it is the parent’s responsibility to inform the instructor of any regularly scheduled lesson that the parent would like to reschedule or cancel due to a holiday. Due to the various neighborhoods we travel to and students therein, last minute cancellations and rescheduling is simply not an option for us. Often, when a last minute cancellation occurs, our instructors are already well on their way to the students home, and travel time must be factored into our work day. When not given ample notice, the instructor loses an appointment that cannot be hastily rebooked. We work hard to be as flexible as possible for our students, so please do not hesitate to call if you are running a few minutes late and need us to arrive a few minutes after originally scheduled. We do leave extra time within our workday for these situations, and we’re happy to be as accommodating as possible.
Cancellation Acknowledgement *
Part 3 – Payment Options And Instructions
Payment is required within two weeks from the receipt of invoice date.   * Please do not pass checks directly to tutors. We accept payment via bank transfer, check, or credit card.
Please Choose Your Preferred Method of Payment *


  • Payment is required within two weeks from the receipt of invoice date.

  • We accept payment via bank transfer, check, or credit card.

    • Credit card payments are processed through Square; after receiving your first credit card invoice, you can choose to either pay manually each billing cycle or save your card for automatic payment.

    • For bank transfers, City Smarts accepts Zelle, a free service built into most major bank apps including Chase, TD, Bank of America, and Wells Fargo.

    • For payment by check, please make payable to City Smarts Inc (see below).

  • A 15% late fee will be added to the total balance if not paid within the parameters described above.

  • Do not pass checks along to your tutor. Please send them in the mail to our offices.

City Smarts Inc.

240 Kent Ave, Unit B39

Brooklyn, NY 11249

Email: info@citysmarts.net

Office: 347.324.7443