City Smarts is offering a Fall SAT clinic for students targeting spring test dates. The first seven classes will include instruction, discussion, and skills exercises intended to help students build an exceptional foundation for effective SAT test-taking. The final meeting will take the form of a proctored, full-length SAT in a classroom setting.

At City Smarts, we’re always trying to innovate, and our fall SAT clinic is no exception. In designing this class, we’ve strived to strike a middle ground between maximalist SAT programs that cost a fortune and exhaust students with impossibly long lessons, and budget options that lack the depth that effective test taking requires.

Over the course of seven two-hour lessons and one full-length proctored exam, your child will study the reading, writing, and math portions of the SAT. By the end of this course, students should be exceptionally well prepared to transition to pinpoint individualized private prep or targeted small group work.



Dates: Sundays from October 20th – December 22nd*

Time: 6-8 pm

Price: $695

Location: 337 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11231

October: 20th, 27th

November: 3rd, 17th

December: 1st, 8th, 15th

* Class does not meet on November 10th and November 24th

** December 22nd mock test runs from 9am-noon.

Clinic capped at 8 students

City Smarts keeps our classes much smaller than other companies in order to allow time for individual support.


120 Minutes of Instruction

We believe that 90 minutes is the ideal amount of time for SAT instruction: just the right length to keep your child engaged and motivated


We’ve opted for a foundational format rather than a kitchen-sink approach. We think a fall class / spring private prep or group sequence strikes the best possible balance between effectiveness and affordability.

Diagnostics & MILESTONES

Our class culminates in a full length mock exam. The score report and analysis will serve to measure progress and reveal priorities for targeted prep or individual study.

Frequently asked questions

my child is a strong/weak test taker. who is this class for?

It is a function of class-based SAT prep that not every student will be on the same level. This class is leveled for average to moderately advanced students and may not be a perfect fit for exceptionally strong or weak students. For more specialized prep, consider private tutoring with City Smarts.

other companies run much longer SAT courses. why don't you?

We don't believe that a class is the best way for most students to reach their highest score potential on a standardized test. In the course of preparing for a standardized test, most students reach a point where their needs will begin to differ from their peers. So instead of running a semester-long course that attempts to cover everything, our course is intended to give students a strong, broad foundation. After concluding our course, most students should pivot to highly targeted test prep or individual study. Cost is the primary consideration here. Instead of needing 3 to 6 months of private tutoring, our class-takers will only need a month or two of private support to finish their preperation.

how do you handle anticipated absences?

While City Smarts discourages students from missing classes, we realize that conflicts do come up. In the event of an absence, we are generally able to set up a private make-up lesson at a pro-rated price.

how much homework should my child expect?

Regular, focused practice is an essential, non-negotiable component of effective test prep. Students should be prepared to devote several hours a week to completing homework and will be expected to come prepared to each class having completed all assigned work.

is enrollment refundable?

Yes. We will happily issue a full refund up to a week before the first class. After that, City Smarts will consider a partial refund on a case to case basis.