City smarts ACT single topic intensives

While prepping for the ACT, students come face to face with their weaknesses. These classes are designed to help students tackle a single advanced topic. Each class stands alone. Feel free to sign up your student for the subject areas that need the most attention, or sign up for all 6 classes as a rigorous supplement to existing prep.

Classes will be held at our Carroll Gardens location on Sundays throughout March and April. 4:30 – 5:45 PM. Each class costs $75. 

If you'd like to register for 4 or more classes, we are offering a discounted class pass ($300). Click here to purchase a class pass.


April 3rd – English Passage Analysis

We take the hardest and most time consuming passages from previous ACTs and break them down – what makes them hard, exhausting, and easy to misread? We look at the way students can read more carefully for meaning and purpose, and ways that we can edit while we read to improve our scores. 

May 5th – Challenging Science Passages

We’ll work against the clock to gain as many points as we can from the hardest Science passages. Passage analysis, data interpretation, and careful reading all contribute to the time management required to do well on these tough passages. In this workshop, we will hone these skills. 

may 12th - Advanced Reading Strategies

A crucial aspect of improved ACT Reading scores is to employ new methods if the old methods simply aren’t working. Many prep guides discuss strategies students can use to approach the Reading section. We look at ALL of the strategies students use – and try then evaluate them to see if they work for us. 

may 19th – Advanced Algebra and Trigonometry Topics

The ACT Mathematics section features a slew of Alegbra 2, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus topics in its last 10-15 questions. In the first Advanced Math intensive, we’ll review the concepts underlying the questions that contribute to our students’ highest score, and evaluate the way they are presented on the ACT. 

june 2nd – Advanced Pre-Calculus Topics

In the second Advanced Math intensive, we’ll look at the straightforward questions that require content knowledge that lies outside of most students’ math curricula – regardless of where they go to school. These topics – from matrices to polar coordinates – can sometimes be learned in only a few minutes, but are impossible without familiarity. 






Each class will feature an hour of narrowly focused instruction followed by a 15 minute diagnostic. 

build your own curriculum

This series is perfect for students who wish to supplement existing prep with rigorous targeted support. 



Should my son or daughter sign up? Who are these classes for?

Students looking to strengthen their foundations, improve their mental stamina, or dive into some additional practice problem sets will benefit from these classes.

Is there an easy way to sign up for multiple lessons?

Click here to purchase a class pass. For $300, students can attend any of our 6 single topic intensives.