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The SSAT is primarily taken for students looking to attend private schools outside of the five boroughs: boarding high schools and out-of-state institutions in particular. Our instructors focus on the challenges of the SSAT by providing students with content review, test structure familiarity, practice tests, and testing strategies.

Nothing about the SSAT is unique- its content closely mirrors that of other standardized tests. Analogies, antonyms, and synonyms used to be on the SAT and the GRE, and are still on the ERB. The math content closely mirrors that of the ERB and the ISEE.
However, the SSAT is the first test a student will take that penalizes for wrong answers. In this, it is one of the more challenging testing experiences for high school admissions applicants.

Our job is to demystify the test and focus the student's energies into tackling its structure, content, and length. We would love to tell you more about how we approach the SSAT. Contact us today.

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