These are the SAT Subject tests we teach:
US History
World History
Mathematics I & II

No one takes an SAT Subject Test for the fun of it. These exams help a student satisfy college admissions requirements for the most competitive four-year universities worldwide.
Preparation for these exams varies by type: for exams in language and literature, a few lessons will provide for a basic understanding of the test's format and question constructions. For history and sciences, the student should be enrolled concurrently in a college preparatory class. This guarantees the student is learning and reviewing the test's content on a daily basis. For mathematics, a student should undertake a slightly longer prep schedule, to ensure a solid mastery of test question constructions.

We listen to our students. We ask them what tests they feel most prepared for, and run diagnostic exams that evaluate which tests the student would be best able to master. It is our responsibility to guide a student toward a competitive score in these tests, and we take these tests seriously. Again, no one wants to waste a weekend and a registration fee unless a competitive score is realistic.

Our instructors can make the SAT Subject Test preparation experience a beneficial one. Please reach out to us to learn more about how we teach these tests. 

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