The ISEE is the primary admissions test for private high schools within New York City. We believe it is extremely important that our instructors be experts at the tests they teach, possessing a mastery in all of the test's sections. The ISEE is a 4-section test that switches test content roughly every forty minutes. A student must be versatile, consistently employing a host of strategies for the duration of the test. Our instructors are seasoned pros. They can answer any questions a student may have on any section of the test. If students must be versatile, so should their instructors.
Our ISEE preparation covers the Lower Level Test (for 4th and 5th graders) Middle Level test (for 6th & 7th  graders) and the Upper Level test (for 8th graders).

The Upper Level ISEE presents unique challenges to the test taker:

  • Word Problems involving unit rate, distance, and ratios in comparison.
  • Logic Problems involving polygons, multiple figures, factors of expressions, and coordinate geometry.
  • Tone and Inference questions in Reading Comprehension
  • Adjective, Noun, and Verb Synonym Questions
  • 2-Blank Sentence Completions
  • Position Essay

For most students, the first time they see these question constructions is on the ISEE.
Nearly all the test content is rooted in the knowledge students gain from their primary school education. However, the question types are unfamiliar to most students, and we find students who do not prepare for these difficult challenges experience them for the first time while they're taking the ISEE. A competitive score on the ISEE requires a dedication to test-taking instruction. The ISEE is the greatest challenge for any test-taker until they see the SAT.
The ISEE is administered by the Educations Record Bureau. For more information about test content, test dates, and how to register, please visit For more information about our approach, please contact us right away.

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