Compelled by their accomplishments, great students seek out greater challenges. We see this every day. City Smarts has worked with countless students who, having raised their SAT scores by hundreds of points, decide to rewrite their list of reach schools. We've seen students who have little interest in a New York City Specialized High School take the admissions test anyway and find themselves emboldened by their entry into a highly competitive school.

Any school can put together a great course catalogue. But the very best schools motivate students more by the environments they foster than by the courses they offer. Surround yourself with great scholars and you'll find it hard not to become one.
We provide support for our students' admissions goals - and not with sorcery and magic. Our job is to listen to students, assess their strengths, and help them focus their ambitions: on paper, in writing, and on transcripts.

Our Admissions Consulting addresses the following areas:

  • Organization and Deadline Management
  • Admissions Essay Counseling
  • Standardized Test Preparation
  • Subject Tutoring Support

Essentially, we offer a comprehensive support structure, utilizing several of our instructors and the full range of our business.  It is this kind of support that ensures a student's admissions success.

We help students get into great schools. And we make that process empowering from day one, long before the acceptance letters have come in, long before the essays have been drafted and test day arrives.


We answer your questions. We've been to great high schools and colleges ourselves. Our students attend some of them right now. Which tests? When are the deadlines? What do I need to know on day one? When do we begin?

We offer support in all admissions areas: essays, standardized tests, academic subjects; we create a plan that ensures our students have their bases covered.
We put you in contact with people who know what to expect. Interested in Stuyvesant High? Williston? UCLA? Vassar?  We can put you in touch with current and former students. How is the math program? What is the day-to-day like? A guided tour or a website will do little to shed light on an institution's strengths and weaknesses.

And that's where we come in. A support system. A knowledge base. A team. We provide all of this. If you'd like to hear more about how we facilitate the admissions process, reach out to us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yale University
Brown University
University of Chicago
Columbia University
Georgetown University
Oberlin College
Swarthmore College
Hampshire College
Middlebury College
Northwestern University
Saint Ann's School
Trinity School
Phillips Exeter Academy
Friends Seminary
Williston Northampton
Packer Collegiate
Bronx Science High School
Stuyvesant High School
Brooklyn Technical High School
The Beacon School
Bard College Early High School
Edward R. Murrow High School
Midwood High School
...and countless others.